Laundromats Over Maids in The Era of Corona

Corona as most of the people across the world is aware spreads from human to human in various ways. Social distancing seems to be the most effective way to control its spread. Various countries went through a complete lockdown out of which India marked the world’s largest lockdown in human history with 1.3 billion people under quarantine. But the question “lockdown can be extended for how long?” is prevailing across the world. According to W.H.O, this pandemic is here to stay for too long. So, in the end, all of us will have to learn to live with this pandemic, following the safest practice to safeguard ourselves and others.

Laundry industry along with many others suffered a huge depression across this phase. But as life will come on track people will start getting busy and will again depend on maids and outsourcing various services.

As laundry is one of the essential tasks in everyone’s life so we must plan it very carefully. The two most common options across the world to cater to this need are Laundromats and maids. So which one is safer and what one should opt.


As a maid is a single person it’s easy for us to believe that things are safe but that’s not the real case. Many patients of Corona are asymptomatic and are difficult to identify. Maids go from one home to another hence their possibility of catching corona is higher, also she will move inside your house from one place to another touching different place which will again risk the spread.

One can reduce the risk by providing maids masks, gloves, and sanitizer. But again as the point of contact within your house and exposure outside your house is higher so is the risk.


Laundromats involve more than one person who is not in front of our eyes hence making it difficult to trust on safety but on the other hand they don’t enter our house and touch different places, the only point of contact between us and the Laundromats is the time rider picks, delivers the clothes or via packaging or clothes.

If the Laundromats are following proper steps they can prove to be much safer than maids.

-Masks, gloves, and sanitizers to the riders.

-Rider must sanitize his hands after every exchange.

-Riders must maintain social distancing with customers and processing staff.

-Must not take the orders if any person in the family of a customer is sick ( Customers must mention it as a social responsibility)

-All staff involved in processing must be healthy and must wear masks and gloves.

-After receiving the clothes the washer must put the clothes along with the pickup bag into a bucket filled with water, detergent, and antiseptic.

-Only after this process the washer should open the bag and start processing as the virus can’t survive hard chemicals and antiseptics.

-At the time of delivery, the biker should spray sanitizer over the packaging and then handover the clothes to the customers.

Though both have their own positives and negatives Laundromats can prove to be safer than maids if they are following proper steps to make sure safety. The basic idea behind all these steps is to make sure that every interaction is between customer-rider, rider-clothes, rider-washer, washer-clothes, packaging-rider, packaging-customer, etc is safe.