Sun Drying of Clothes : Pros and Cons

Sun drying of clothes is the most traditional way to dry your laundry, though in many countries sun drying is not the most common way to serve this job. Usually, this trend can be noticed in European and western countries; it is usually due to their cold weather.
In countries like India people usually dry clothes under the sun or in shade but for the last 1 decade, we can notice a slight shift in this trend. As commercial laundry service started coming up and people lack time to do their laundry, the use of machine drying (tumble drying) has come into play.

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Laundromats Over Maids in The Era of Corona

Corona as most of the people across the world is aware spreads from human to human in various ways. Social distancing seems to be the most effective way to control its spread. Various countries went through a complete lockdown out of which India marked the world’s largest lockdown in human history with 1.3 billion people under quarantine. But the question “lockdown can be extended for how long?” is prevailing across the world. According to W.H.O, this pandemic is here to stay for too long. So, in the end, all of us will have to learn to live with this pandemic, following the safest practice to safeguard ourselves and others.

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